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About Us

About PT. Hanter Industry & Regency Brand
PT. Hanter Industry manufactures home appliances products such as electric fans, stoves, rice cookers, dispensers, and many more. Regency is the brand for the home appliances we make. We have been in business since 1990 and have years of experience providing high-quality household needs.

PT. Hanter Industry started from a home manufacturing industry and has the ability to expand its business over the years. Our company is now operating a huge manufacturing firm and has over 500 employees working. 

Regency products have been recognized and known in Indonesia. Moreover, customers have been satisfied with the products and service Regency brand offer. Our factory is detailed about providing high-quality products to the consumer. We have a high standard for the quality of the products we offer.

With distributors spread throughout major cities in Indonesia, we continue to spread our wings quickly to clients. 

Why Choose Regency Products?
Regency brand has been the number one go-to home appliances in Indonesia. Our home appliances products have been tested with international certification (ISO 9001) and national (SNI).

Regency is a trusted brand you can rely on when it comes down to home appliances products. We have focused ourselves always to make sure that our products are high quality and, of course, affordable to consumers.   

Consumers have reported being satisfied with our products, and we always plan to stay that way. When people describe the Regency brand, we want them to be directly fixed and remember the Regency brand offer's refined products.

Regency products are not only high in quality but have competitive pricing. We want consumers and clients to be able to afford Regency products. This is why we always make sure that our products are affordable to consumers.

We also offer excellent customer service to consumers. We make sure that our products can be serviced when there is an issue. We offer free service and repair when there is an issue with Regency products.

Vision and Mission: 
Our goal is to provide high-quality products and guarantee to meet the demands for consumers all over Indonesia. Moreover, besides making sure our products are high in quality, we also make sure that our product prices are affordable. 

We want the Indonesian community to always stick with the Regency brand when choosing for home appliances products.