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Tornado Fan Deluxe 12 (DLX 12)

Tech Spec Diameter: 12 " Power: 35 Watt Volt: 220 V Cable: 1.8 meter Assembly: Ready to use
Advantages Features - Body made of iron - Motor is made of pure copper - Small and saves space - The fan can be pointed 90 degrees to the ceiling
Packing and Weight Length: 37 cm Width: 18.5 cm Height: 37.8 cm Weight: 2 kg
Info Extra Tornado Duluxe is a small fan variant from the most popular Duluxe (DLX) fan variant in Indonesia. Designed for the needs of air circulation in small rooms or at work desks. It is suitable for studio apartments and children's rooms. The feet of the stand are made of iron and include rubber feet for stability and scratch-resistant floors. The blade is made of iron that has been balancing so that the fan's sound is smooth and doesn't vibrate.
Item No. ZDLX12
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